2020 – My year of FORWARD Movement – Pastor S. F. Edokpayi (G.O.)

2020 – My year of FORWARD Movement – Pastor S. F. Edokpayi (G.O.)

Movement is one of the characteristics of a living thing. It is an act of changing your location from one place to another. There must be a displacement on an object by a force for it to move or for a work to be done on it. The movement of the object must be in the direction of the applied force. This is what science says. These laws of science, this time is to a large extent, in line with the Bible principles.

In Deuteronomy 1:6, the Israelite were full of activities on mount Horeb. They were to serve God there just as God told Moses when he was commissioned by God in Exo 3:1-4. There on mount Horeb, God appeared to him and told him he will bring the Israelite out of Egypt and he would serve God on that mountain – Exo 3:12.

It looks great and good to serve God in a place designated by Him for such, as in the case of mount Horeb here. But it is much better and pleasing to God to serve Him more while moving on forward. Horeb was just a stop-over and not a destination for the Israelite. But they have almost turned it to their destination. Probably they felt comfortable there on the mount, they forgot that their destination was still ahead.  God called them to order. “… Turn ye and take your journey…”. God seems to say “enough of that, now move on.”

What about you? Look around you to see where you are. Are you on the mountain of God – Horeb, or on your own mountain? Even if you are on God’s mountain, He is not comfortable seeing you stagnant there. You have not reached your destination yet. He is asking you to move on to the prescribed destination for you. If you know that you are on your own mountain, you do not need to turn as the Israelite. You have to relocate from an ungodly mountain. You can’t continue to move on in the wrong direction. In your spirit and your mind, you have to change your location and direction to the right way that leads to your destination.

Jesus said I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father (your final destination) except by me – John 14:6. You are used to those religious activities on your mount Horeb for too long. It is time to move on from that place. Let there be some moving forward and not just some activities on the sport. Jesus said “Come to Me, all you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”- Matt 11:28. He wants you to come to Him and move with Him because He knows that without Him you will not go far, “…. For without me you can do nothing – John 15:5.

Are you still waiting and contemplating on what to do. Take the step of faith and say, I refuse to remain stagnant. I am turning around to move forward as from now. Act like the Israelites after Moses instructed them. In Deut 1:18-19. He said, “So we departed from Horeb ….” Let us therefore move together with Jesus our Leader to our destinations. Keep moving forward!

Keep moving forward until you get to your Jordan. If they had remained on mount Horeb, they would not have witnessed the miracle of river Jordan. Joshua 3:13–17. In most cases we move and walk in obedience into our miracles. There are miracles on the way as you step forward. On the pathway of obedience even in the face of some challenges along the way, miracles abound for those who believe.


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