About Us

New Life for all Nations Ministries was established in 1972 to engage in evangelistic and church planting ministries in the course of fulfilling the Great Commission.

The ministry involves in the spread of the Gospel in rural and urban places which results in establishing churches, hundreds of which are located all over Nigeria and few others in West African Countries and other Continents. The Ministry exercises supervisory role over the churches and mobilizes them to reach new areas.

The Vision

  1. To take the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations of the world.
  2. To plant New Testament churches in every nation.
  3. To disciple the reached for the un-reached

The Goal

  1. Every member of New Life should be seen by lifestyle and doctrine. This calls for a militant approach to evangelising and personal witnessing individually and collectively
  2. Every outreach (individual or corporate) should be aimed at establishing a New Testament church.
  3. Every person so reached should be discipled in the New Testament church pattern.
  4. The churches so established are to be governed by ordained ministers and elders
  5. Every New Testament Church so established would be mission oriented.
  6. An Apostolic authority and control will be exercised over the established churches through the New Life for All Nations (NLFAN) Ministries.

The Objectives

Taking the whole gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world, through:

  1. Personal witnessing
  2. Mass evangelistic crusades,
  3. Publications in books, tracts, newsletters, magazines etc,
  4. Mass media outreaches through radio, TV, and other information-technology.

Planting New Testament churches through;

  1. Persistent follow-up after outreach.
  2. Meeting in fellowship, e.g. House fellowship, public indoor gatherings, transit camps etc.
  3. Establishing the believers through biblical fellowship meetings, teachings, seminars, workshops and conferences.
  4. Spiritual strengthening through fervent prayers and fasting and in- depth study of the scriptures.
  5. Ensuring observance of the Lord’s ordinances i.e. water baptism, breaking of bread, etc.

Discipling the Believers

  1. Through personal interaction i.e. one-on-one
  2. Teaching bible studies
  3. Group trainings
  4. Equipping the saints for effective ministering in the church

Establishing a Mission and Pastoral Training Institute

  1. Organising and training on short term and long term basis in form of workshop, seminars, refresher programme and various leadership trainings for all categories of tent-makers for the effectiveness of all disciples for the end-time work.
  2. This is to recruit, train and send out ministers of God and missionaries

Ordaining called ministers and qualified elders over the churches established.

Establishing a mission oriented church

  1. Each church will be actively involved in inland and foreign mission outreaches. This could be through individual, collective or corporate efforts.

Ensuring a working Relationship among the established churches through:

  1. Corporate meeting, joint seminars, conferences, workshops.
  2. Corporate mission outreaches.
  3. Exercising Apostolic Authority and control over the established church by the NLFAN Ministries.

Establishing long-term or short-term commercial Ventures

  1. The sole aim will be to finance the ministries. This must not be at variance with our vision and goals.



Glory be to Almighty God for what has been laid in the hearts of some brethren who are supporting this ministry by giving substantial monthly for SPECIAL MISSION SUPPORT. Please pray for them, you too can be one of them.

Now he that Ministerieth seed to the sower both minister bread for your good, and multiply your seed sown, and increase the fruits of your righteousness, being enriched in everything to all bountifulness, which causeth through us thanksgiving to God;(2 Cor. 9: 10, 11).

These supports are expended on missions to the Hausa/ Fulani in Katsina State; Eha-Amufu and other gospel outreach in Enugu and Benue States of Nigeria. Ghana and Togo Republics. We thank God for what we have achieved through the faithful sacrifice from these brethren. More support is still required for these missions and others we are yet to reach.

Need help reaching event center?

Contact us at the New Life for All Nations Ministries nearest to you.