2020 New Year Message – By General Overseer

New Year Message by Pastor S. F. Edokpayi (G. O.)

Welcome to 2020!
I welcome all to the new year. It is called year 2020. How it came about that name you may not know and you don’t care to know, it is generally accepted to bear that name everywhere in the world. Let us accept it that it has come to stayed. WELCOME to year 2020!

Do you know that there is nothing so special about 2020 than it is the next number after 2019. And coincidentally it is a double twenty (20-20). To this effect many have attached series of acronym to it. Double Honour, Double Promotion, Double Annointing, Double restoration, Double “every Good Things”. Truly all these are possible and achievable.

If you simply sleep and wake everyday without doing anything as from now, 2020 will remain what it is. And you will conclude at the end of the year that 2020 was bad because you would have gained nothing from just sleeping and waking throughout the year. If on the other hand, you invest in things that are profitable and enduring you will conclude at the end of the year that 2020 was a year of breakthrough. In the first example, what brought the failure is not the 2020, but you – sleeping and waking (doing nothing). In the second example the 2020 did not bring the celebrated breakthrough, but you.

You will make 2020 what you want it to be for yourself either for good or for bad. So 2020 is in your hands. WHAT! 2020 in my hands? Yes, in your hands. But I don’t know what it holds and what lies ahead? Yes! You can not stay or remain where you are and you want to see what lies ahead. You have to move on to see – GO FORWARD.

There is One who sees and knows the end from the beginning. He will not take over the movement from you but will walk with you. He is JESUS the Son of God. He is the WORD that created the world (John 1:1, 3, 10). He determined what each would hold during creation of the world. That is, He determined what was created in each day. He knows the beginning and also knows the end. He is the beginning and the end – Isa 44:6, and Rev 22:13.

You may not have to leave the journey in 2020 for Him to emback for you, but He can be trusted to accompany you in the journey. He knows you can not do it alone, He will help you. In John 15:5, He said “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing”.
Don’t let this statement confuse you. Many have done many things without any recourse to Jesus and were successful. That success is relative; it depends on what they set as standard – (more on this in the later date). Jesus will want to walk with you and make 2020 meaningful. He leaves the decision for you.

Remember that He may not take the walk from you. You are a major player in this walk. Don’t murmur, or complain. Take a positive move in the right direction of the expected goal for the year. Even when you are threatened, don’t stop the walk. GO FORWARD. If others around you have their other means of moving on (or getting it) do not be confused. There are many roads that lead to success. You take the Jesus route to that success.

To walk with Jesus you need His Word in your heart. We shall discuss more on this as we move on together in the year 2020. Faithful is He that promised, He will fulfill it. Seeing you along the journey to success. God bless you.



    I love your work sir more grace more grace be released on you…im here in ghana and i took part in the programe online with your help …God bless you!

  • Greeting to the G.O. It seems he was the pastor at Ore, ondo state before. So congratulation.
    What of Pastor Lawrence formal president who residing at Ibadan?
    I am Pastor David Olawole who was formal pastor of Oka Akoko branch when Pastor Iyiola was a coordinator.
    I miss you all.
    I will never forget New life for all nation (disciples of christ).
    Write to:
    WhatsApp: +233201191925

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