From the Youth Director

My Journey so far among the Youth (2003 to 2015).

By Pastor Isaac O. Boboye.

I took up the paddle to steer the ship of the Youth Ministry in 2003 when there was a need to bridge the gap between the Youths and the Leaders in the New Life Ministry. It wasn’t that the Youth were out of their ways but there was a necessity to form a strong link between the two for a stronger Ministry work for the Lord. It was a big challenge for me to do this because of the series of National assignments on me at that time as the Publication Director at one time and ICT Director at another time. Though I was the youngest among the National Executives (CEC) during this period, I saw it as another opportunity for to serve God and the Ministry as I lead the Youths in the Ministry.

Summarily, during this period I started by building a Youth body that can make do with whatever they have to achieve good success considering the lean purse of the Ministry.

We started by establishing and formalising standing National and Zonal programmes for our Youths. Teaching them to have confidence in God and in themselves. Building them up to have high moral standard as Christians in the world and live a holy life to God. The Youths were developed to take up leadership roles in their various churches and Fellowships. This has moved them in their Zones to establish new churches and strengthen existing ones. More of our youths are coming up now as fulltime Pastors in the New Life for all Nations Ministries than in the past.

During this period, our sisters were brought into the limelight of leadership among the Youths. We created the Sisters wing to make them more functional like their brothers. Now, we have three sisters among the National Executives.

On our Campuses, in 2003, we had 10 Fellowships, now we have 30 Campus Fellowships, an addition of 20 fellowships. More work needs to be done on the Fellowships stability and finances.

In 2014, we laid the foundation of the Youth Auditorium in the New Life Camp Ground at Ibadan. It was estimated to cost 15 Million Naira.

In my interaction with Youths at different categories I found out some peculiar needs of the sisters. This moved us to have a National Sisters’ Co-ordinator, and also have more sisters in the National Executives. Nevertheless, during this period I behaved honestly among the sisters and never abused anyone immorally in my closeness to them. I was careful that while trying to pull them out of any mirth they may have been I did not fall into it myself.

I have lived my life among the youth in honesty as far I can know. I was never a burden to the Youth Ministry, but rather I taught everyone sacrificial life as Youths in our various Zones and Churches. I did not use my position as the Youth Director for my personal gain and benefit. During my tenure as the Youth Director, I did not collect any stipend or remuneration from the Youth Department. This was done to teach us how to sacrifice for the work of God and focus more on the spiritual gain than physical or monetary gain.

Time to Change the Baton

In December 2015, I voluntarily stepped aside as the Youth Director to give room for younger ones to move up and serve the Lord. It will give me more opportunity to function more in other departments of the Ministry as the Lord will want me to.

The Ministry in January 2016, appointed another Youth Director for the Ministry in person of Pastor Remi Akande. He will hence forth be steering the ship of the Youth Ministry. He will feature more on this page as from now.

God bless you all.

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