Students’ Summit


September 29 to October 2, 2016. at New Life Camp Ground, Ibadan, Nigeria.

The is a bi-annual programme disigned for our students.

There is something that kills fast without the use of any weapon of war. It is very easy to get but expensive to maintain. It is very dangerous not only because it kills but that it is very cheap to get and can be found everywhere. It is ignorance.

God says My people are being destroyed for lack of knowledge (which is ignorance) – Hosea 4:6a. It is even more dangerous because God has nothing to do with the ignorant. It saddens God for His people to lack knowledge (Hosea 4:6b).

That means that there is no glory in ignorance and there is no spirituality in lack of knowledge. It leads to bondage and captivity. Isa 5: 13. Jesus said that the knowledge about the truth brings freedom  Joh. 8:32. If knowledge brings freedom then it means that ignorance leads to bondage.

Ignorance is expensive to maintain! How? Do you know that you pay for anything you have no knowledge about? If you don’t know how the Personal Computer works for example, you will pay for even typing a letter on it, not to talk of downloading anything from a web site. Your ignorant about your sickness is what you are paying the doctors for providing cure for the sickness. Your ignorant about the Word of God is what the devil is using against you to cheat you. Dont play host to ignorance and dont befriend it. It kills, it robs you of your right, it brings you down in the public and among your peer groups.

Now, you have seen the need to seek for knowledge. But be warned! Not just any one, or anyhow and not from anywhere. The source must be identified, its contents must be known, and also the goal must be discovered. It must be divine. Our Lord said that you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free – John. 8:32. There is freedom in getting the true knowledge. The Students conference is meant to open your eyes to the sources of knowledge. It will also show you the true and divine ways of getting and using knowledge. It is time to ignore ignorance.

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