Arise and Eat! by Pastor Isaac Boboye

You arise from something, and you eat for something. Arise is a change of state from probably sitting, sleeping or stooping down. All these conditions are means of bring yourself down either for comfort or relaxation. After the day’s tedious work, one may be weak and needs some rest either by sitting down to relax or lying down to sleep. In both cases, because you are weak, you sit down or lay down. So what brings one down is weakness. People are usually down with sickness. Failure brings ones countenance down. Whenever you are down for too long people doubt your well-being. They start to ask why you are down.

In 1King 19, we read about Elijah the prophet who had an experience that brought about this question. Because Jezebel threatened him, he was afraid – (1King 19:2-3), so he ran and went down to sit under a tree. He went down further down to sleep. One may say that he was afraid of death so he ran for his life (vs 3). But what he ran away from he was asking for it down there under the tree. Going down in life for any reason will not solve the problem that leads to it. Going down because of anything will not bring any positive result. You will discover that you will meet down there what you are running from.

This story has some spiritual undertones. Many people go down their spiritual column because of many reasons like – fear, wants, lust, immorality, lack, neglect, etc. For the fear of losing your job, you go down. Because you want something at all cost, you go down. Because of infatuation in you toward a girl or boy, you go down easily. Because of your inability to control you sexual urges, you go down just like that. Oh! your case is lack and you are really in need; he is ready to help and fill the gap for you, then just because of him you will go down to join his cult. How are you different from Elijah who ran away from death from a woman, and was later asking for the same thing – vs 4.

God will never leave His anointed in the down state. He will make a way out of the problem. God sent an angel to instruct Elijah on what to do. There is no need for long stories. All he needed to do was to ARISE AND EAT. You must change your position to regain your vision. He must arise from sleep. But Elijah did not arise; he only ate and slept again – vs 6. Are you not the same with him? Consider the years you have been eating without rising up. I mean you have been hearing (eating) the undiluted words of God, but still, you simply just refuse to change. You must do the two to get the expected result – ARISE AND EAT. The angel struck him again with the same word. God is calling you again now with the same word. Now behave like Elijah, rise up from your sleep and eat – vs 8. Don’t go down again.

The food is for strength. We rise up daily from our bed and prepare for food (breakfast) that will take us through the day’s business. The food is an essential ingredient in the body and a life support. The food for the soul is the Word of God. It is a life support for the soul. It is for a purpose. If you eat without any purpose you will sleep again after eating just as Elijah did. In verse 5, the angel told him “Arise and eat.” So in vs 6 he ate and slept again. Now you see that despite you eat the Word of God, you still sleep (in the spirit) always, because you did not attach any purpose to the food. In the case of Elijah, the angel came back to repeat the same thing but this time with a purpose. “Arise and eat, because the journey is too great for you” – vs 7. Elijah reacted to this; he arose and ate. He didn’t sleep again. You too add a purpose to your presence in this conference and you will discover what will happen after. If your Christianity has no purpose, it will have no life and will not take you anywhere. Add a purpose to your life and it will give a meaning.

He used the energy he derived from that obedience (rising and eating) for forty days and night. The days ahead of you may be different from that Elijah. Yours may be forty years, or eighty years. You need the food and you must walk and work with the food (the Word of God) in you.

Are you still sitting down or even sleeping. Arise now and eat the undiluted word of God.

Be blessed in Jesus name.

Pastor Isaac O. Boboye

The Youth Director.


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