His Will – My Food? – Pastor Isaac Boboye

Jesus said; “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work.” – Jn 4:34. The will of God is food for Jesus – Jn 4:34. It means just as food is one of our daily essentials to life on earth, so we must take the will of God as our daily essential. You know how you feel without food. It will affect you body, your posture, your thinking and many things around you. Now ask yourself how do you feel if you have not done the will of God in a day? You know that in most cases your feelings are not the same as for lack of food. It can be said that His will is not your food yet. You should now be working to a stage in your live where you won’t be comfortable without the doing His will.

As food is to the body so is His will to the soul. The food nourishes the body to build it up and give it a good look. In the process, some diseases are cleared from the body and we stay healthy. So it is in the spirit if the will of God is feeding the soul. You have a sound mind – 2Tim 1:7 because the Spirit of God dwells in you. You will be strong in the spirit against all viruses of sins from satan.

Have you experienced it once that after eating and satisfied, all other foods are not really relevant to you at that moment, no matter how sweet they are? You wont feel the need for any other food, because your stomach is full and you are satisfied. The same way my brothers and sisters, if you are satisfied with the WILL of God in your spirit man, you won’t feel any need to be satisfied with any other desire. In other words, all other desires are subjected to what God has to say about it. You remember this words “Not as I will but your will be done”.

All foods do not have the same taste. Some are sweet, some tasteless and some bitter. Yet varieties of these foods are good to the body. The will of God may not all the time fall to your own will. Some time it will agree with yours, some time it will be at variance with your will. You must know that in any form it comes it is the best thing for your spirit man to flourish.

This will also affect your physical man. Just as we live on earth by the food we eat so we live for God by His will in our lives. Doing the will of God as a Christian should not be a matter of choice, but rather a necessity.

It is only on earth that the issues of the flesh is predominant. In heaven, all issues of the flesh will be done away. We have no other thing to do in heaven than His will. It will be the main “food” in heaven. You need to get used to this food here on daily basis. In order for you not to be a stranger in heaven, get used to doing His WILL here on earth

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